Pousse-Pousse OPR

Pousse-Pousse OPR

Pousse-Pousse OPR

It allows you to carry your goods like for example goodies, flyers without any effort and to distribute them in different points very easily!

One simply has to push the vehicle (no technical constraints). You may also use it to sell ice creams, coffee, pancakes, hot dogs… by putting your material on the plank located on the trunk. It may be opened with its 3 shutters, which are removable, and their height is adjustable.

We propose several options including the possibility to add a freezer!


Dimensions Lenght: 180cm / Width: 89cm / Height: 108cm
Weight 70 kg
Color Orange
Type of vehicle Trolley
Cabin/trunk volume (cubic metres) 0.26
Surface of advertising space (square metres) 3.34
Hull/Box Polyester fiber
Parking break Yes
Suspensions/shock absorbers No


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