Rent, sale and manufacture of bikes

TripUP was founded in 2008 by Stephen Feingold. It was born from the wish to propose an ecological
alternative, concrete and effective, to the car in urban environments.

Many taxi bikes and delivery tricycles are provided with electric assistance. These batteries do not emit greenhouse gases. They are therefore environment friendly. Our means of transport are silent and produce no noise pollution.

Taxi bikes (or rickshaw) as well as delivery tricycles, carts or surrey bikes have found their place in town because they are non-polluting, non-noisy, take up little space and allow to do nice physical activity which is excellent for health.

Some models have an original design which, coupled with the benefits of these bikes, have allowed them to gain notoriety and sympathy. They capture the audience’s attention like no other medium. Taxi bikes, delivery tricycles, rickshaws and surrey bikes thus become advertising media that benefit from a very high rate of memorization.

Renting or purchasing a taxi bike or a delivery tricycle may offer loads of advantages!

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