Tricycar, an exceptional taxi bike with an innovative design

This is the new TripUP taxi bike. It was completed in late May after long months of manufacture. Its innovative and particular design has made the manufacture of this bike long and complex. It has several notable advantages which make this bike special.

It is one of the very first taxi bike model in the world with a wooden hull. This hull is varnished thus making it impermeable to rain.

Among its innovations is the possibility to pedal with 3 people at the same time, the effort is thus distributed among all the occupants of the vehicle. In addition, it is equipped with electric pedaling assistance with a 48V battery and can travel at a speed of 10 km / h.

The Tricycar is a taxi bike of exception, ample and comfortable. It has a trunk in the back to carry luggage.

It has a large advertising space and does not go unnoticed in the city. This is a great way to display your advertising campaigns!

The Tricycar is a taxi bike halfway between the taxi bike and the car.

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